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Wireless FM Transmitter Handsfree MP3 Music Player Dual USB Car Charger PD 18W Fast Charging

Wireless FM Transmitter Handsfree MP3 Music Player Dual USB Car Charger PD 18W Fast Charging

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Car Bluetooth Handsfree Phone System
Automatic detection of car battery voltage at startup, voice reminder
1.1-inch large screen display
Support PD18W fast charge (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A)
Play mobile APP music / mobile voice navigation
Support TF card / U disk extended playback
FM full frequency point transmission 87.5-108MHz
Support operation switching folder playback
Support caller ID, last number redial

Product Name: BT09 Car Bluetooth MP3
Product material: ABS+PC
Bluetooth version: 5.0
U disk / TF card: up to 32GB
Product color: black
Product output: Support Type-C port PD protocol, support PD18W/ 5V 3A, 9V 2.3A, 12V 1.7A 18W max fast current output, USB port supports 5V/3.1A max fast current output
Power supply: DC 5V
Input voltage: 12V-24V
Product selling point: dual USB port + Type-C fast charger, a variety of music playback conditions, intelligent noise reduction, etc.

How to use car MP3:

1. Insert the unit into the car cigarette lighter or charging jack, the machine will automatically enter the playing state and start playing the song;
2. Set the playback frequency; press and hold the middle phone button, then press the up and down button to set the transmission frequency to the desired value;
3. Turn on the car radio and set the radio frequency to the same operating frequency as the car MP3 player. For example, if the car MP3 frequency is 87.5MHz, then the radio frequency can be adjusted to be consistent (87.5MHz). If you encounter a noise, please change the frequency. When using, try to avoid the local radiofrequency. This can avoid interference and achieve high. Clear sound quality.
4. Play the volume adjustment; long-press the middle phone button, enter the frequency adjustment mode and then press the up and down button to adjust the volume.

1) This product is slightly warm during operation or when the car starts up, it will pause/restart, which is normal. Please feel free to use it.
2) When not using this product for a long time, please pull it out from the cigarette lighter.
3) This machine only supports USB flash drive/charge port (USB port on the right), USB1 can only be used as charging port (USB port on the left). Simple troubleshooting:
A. The frequency indicator does not light when in use. Please check whether the fuse is damaged, whether the power supply voltage is within the rated working voltage range, and whether the cigarette butt is linked with the female base;
B. If the indicator light is displayed, it will not play, please check if there is no supported source in the player;
C. If the display frequency is normal but there is no sound, please check if the player's volume button is adjusted to the minimum.
D. If there is noise in the song during playback, or the sound quality is not good, please try to reduce the player volume, increase the car audio volume, or download a higher quality sound source on the player.

Package includes:

1 * Car MP3

1 * User Manual

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