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Wireless Flexible & Portable Keyboard

Wireless Flexible & Portable Keyboard

$23.00 $45.00

The wireless flexible keyboard is designed as a durable and portable keyboard.
The slim and flexible design makes it ultra-portable when travelling with your devices.
It's flat design makes it comfortable to type with and silent keys for more discrete use.
Also it is water and dust resistant which means that it is a great device for portability and functionality.
The keyboard comes with a USB charging cable that can be used when it the keyboard inbuilt battery is low on power.
Able to be rolled up for storage and transportation, this convenient keyboard makes typing on mobile devices much simpler and more comfortable.

Comfortable and ergonomic design.

Unique Super Energy Saving Mode makes the battery life 50% longer than that of similar products.

Built-in Lithium battery.

Silent keys for discrete use.

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