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Wire Tracker Cable Scan and Finding

Wire Tracker Cable Scan and Finding

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Wire Tracing: This function is capable of quickly finding the required line pairs among numerous ones. It`s adaptable to network cable RJ45 terminal, telephone line RJ11 terminal

Network Cable Collation: It testes physical connection status of network cable, such as open circuit, short connection, miswire and reverse connection.

Telephone Line Test: Use the emitter to test the status of working of telephone lines, such as judging TIP or PING line and judging whether the telephone line is idle, ringing or off-hook

Line Level or Positive and Negative Polarity Detection: Use the emitter to test the line level, positive and negative polarity detection.

Package Content: 1 x Wire Tracker Emitter, 1 x Wire Tracker Receiver, 1x RJ45 Adapter Cable, 1 x RJ11 adapter,1x earphone,1 x alligator clip adapter,1 x Toolkit,1 xUser manual,2 x 9V Battery

Product Features:

Use as Circuit Tester

Connect two alligator clips to the ends of the wire to check if resistance exists. If yes, the wire could be a short or open circuit. You can use the Wire Tracer function to locate the problem.

Use as a Wire Tracer

By sending a signal down the wire being tested, you can trace the wire with the detector probe. An audible tone will increase in volume as the probe gets closer to the wire. Even when you have a bundle of wires, you can still find the wire you wish to trace with the help of the volume knob.

Low Battery Capacity Indication

Move the function selector switch of the emitter to the "SCAN"position,when the cell voltage is below 6.0V,the STATUS indicator and the VERIFY indicator of the emitter can flash at the same time.

Product Specification:

1.Power specs:DC,9V laminated battery( included)

2.Max. operating current:Emitter ≤10mA; Receiver≤30mA

3.Signal transmission format: Multi-frequency pulse

4Signal output level:8Vp-p

5.Signal transmission distance:.≥3km

Package Includes:

1 * Emitter

1 * receiver

1 * earphone

1 * RJ11 adapter

1 * RJ45 adapter

1 * alligator clip adapter

1 * Toolkit

1 * User manual

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