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USB RFID ID/IC Card Reader

USB RFID ID/IC Card Reader

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Product introduction:

  • LF-08 is a USB desktop 125khz RFID reader/writer
  • USB interface, USB imitation serial output
  • Support Write/Copy EM4305,8800,ATAT5577, T5557, T5567,CET5200 or compatible cards/tags
  • Support Reade EM 4001,EM4200 or compatible cards/tags
  • Widely used in entrance guard, consumption, hotel lock, water meter, electricity meter, and gas meter and a series of IC card management application system
  • ATA5577 is the successor of the T5557 modes, T5557 and ATA5567 with improved analog front-end circuitry and increased functionality. A basic model is implemented being backward compatible in most common modes to existing T5551 (in most common modes), T5557 and ATA5567 applications

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