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Universal Rechargeable Touch Screen Stylus Pen

Universal Rechargeable Touch Screen Stylus Pen


Brand new and high quality.
High sensitivity with 2.3mm nid.
Compact and lightweight design, easy to carry (Dimension with 8.5*130mm).
High sensitivity on the touch screen, sensitive stylus tip gives you the smoothest navigation.
The smooth tip will not scratch screen and tip does not degrade or erase away
Keep your screen free from scratches and fingerprints.
Try it on the capacitive screen phone, using your fingers is the most convenient, but the fingers blocks sight easily, it is necessary to come with a good handy pen. It can perfectly replace fingers, the feel as a general pen to write on paper.
Suitable for lots of capacitive screen phones and tablet PC, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, MOTO, and other mobile phones & tablets.
Built-in clip for easy carrying.
Built-in rechargeable battery.
Easy charging with micro USB port, 12 hours long working time.

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