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Network LAN Telephone Cable Tester for RJ45 RJ11 UTP Ethernet

Network LAN Telephone Cable Tester for RJ45 RJ11 UTP Ethernet

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Product Description

Switch on the power on the main tester.
Test of the RJ45 RJ11 Cat-5 Cat-6 Cat-7 Cat-8 cable: if all the cables work, the lights will become green from NO.1&2 to NO.7&8 sequently. if any light is not on or turns on consequently, the cables are broken.
Automatically scan mode, rapidly testing, the streamline shape is in accordance with the design of somatology
Durable design, working well even in construction location
The super handy device ensures your good mood
Cable Tester for RJ11, RJ45, 10/100 Base-T and telephone cable ... etc
Automatic efficient scan for the miss wiring, disorder cable, open and short circuit
Grounding test available
Remotely test cable up to 1000 ft in length ( remote kit included )
9 LEDs to indicate which wire whether open or not on both remote and master unit
Powered by DC 9V reduplicated battery (not included)
Protective power switch for low power consumption
The high-quality soft leather case provides more secure protection 9V reduplicated battery is used in this tester.
The battery is advised to change if any weak light appears. (Battery is not included.)

Colour: Black Main tester
Size: 105*67*28mm
Remote tester Size: 105*38*28mm
Package Included:1PC network 

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