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Micro HDMI Male to Female Adapter

Micro HDMI Male to Female Adapter

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Product advantages: Gold plated interface
Scope of application: Used for connecting TV monitors with micro HDMI interfaces such as mobile phones or superboard, To act as a switchover!
All wire materials need to turn, For example, the TV is too close to the wall, connect with the HDMI connector at this bend, To avoid the wall.

Features :
1. Protection of plugs and gold plated dustproof covers, Plug, and plug, Signal transmission stability
2. High purity copper core for cables, Precision wire technique structure / high precision PCB plate connection, Structural stability.
3. Double impedance matching process for conducting wires, minimize signal cross disturbance, Ensure signal transmission is correct
4. Modular stress elimination structures, Prevent cable bending damage, Flexible mobility, Durable
5. Use of 100 special shield copper foils for the signal to the winch, High density is woven copper wire shielding in the outer layer
6. Breaking through the limitations of independent transmission of traditional audio and video signals, Audio-video synchronization transmission was successfully realized
7. Support 7.1 channel digital audio on the same line

Technical specifications:
1. Use of speeding HDMI wire, Compliance with the technical specifications of HDMI 1.3c / 1.4 / 2.0
2. Bandwidth up to 10.2 Gbps
3. Fully support cec signal connector
4. Full shielding of wire, Excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference RFI and EMI
5. Support all HDTV formats ( 3840p , 2160p , 1440p , 1080p , 1080i , 720p , 480p )

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